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    The Effect of Fe2O3 Amount in Raw Materials on Properties of Lightweight Aluminosilicate Bricks Grade 23

    Lightweight Aluminosilicate bricks that contain SiO2 and Al2O3 as two original phases are used in steel, petrochemical, refineries, power plants and etc. furnaces as a safety layer and insulating them. In this research, insulation bricks (grade 23) were produced by extrusion process which in terms of uniform distribution of poro ...


    Refractory Handbook - Harbison

    Refractory Handbook - Harbison ...


    Refractory Handbook - Schacht

    Refractory Handbook - Schacht ...


    Clay and body ceramic tiles: Reappraisal and technological classification

    Important specifications must be considered in tile industries. ...


    Rotary Kiln Brick Installation Guidelines

    In this article, you can find essential notes and information in order to rotary kiln brick installation. ...


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